All About Minoxidil

1Hair loss is one of the most annoying things that can happen to anyone, male or female of all ages. It isn’t severe that it can kill anyone, it doesn’t paralyze people and it isn’t contagious. But it will suck the life out of anybody’s confidence and self esteem. It is a natural occurring anti socializing phenomenon. Once you start experiencing hair loss, self esteem and attractiveness also goes down. You can either fight hair loss or accept that it is part of your life. I honestly believe that most people would be happier if they accept the fact that they are going to lose their hair. However if you are one of the few who wants to fight hair loss then read on. We now have FDA approve drugs that are meant to combat hair loss and regrow hair. I’m talking about Minoxidil products.

2Minoxidil is a drug that has been found to be able to treat male pattern baldness. Minoxidil was first being developed as an oral drug for high blood pressure, but patients using Minoxidil were experiencing a side effect. Patients and health care providers like doctors and nurses notice that hair growth is being experienced by the patients as a side effect of the drug. The company developing Minoxidil saw this as a great way to make money so they decided to create a topical solution. This topical solution is applied to the scalp to treat male pattern baldness. The mechanism or how Minoxidil regrows hair is very much unknown. However it is known that Minoxidil stops hair loss by preventing or halting DHT from going to the scalp and hair follicles.

Minoxidil is suggested by the health care providers to be applied twice a day. It should be applied once in the morning and another at night. Each application should use approximately 1ml solution of Minoxidil. Minoxidil should not be swallowed so it is suggested that we wash our hands if it ever got in contact with Minoxidil. It should be applied twice a day for about four to six months to see some results. It is recommended that people use this product when we are younger. As we grow older, the effects of this drug aren’t as effective. It is also recommended to apply this topical solution on the scalp for about four hours and the scalp should be dry so that it can absorb most of the products active ingredients. One of the bad things about Minoxidil is that it isn’t permanent. Hair growth that comes with this product will disappear if the use is discontinued. It is a lifetime commitment so think about that first before buying it.

Minoxidil also has a lot of adverse reactions. Not everyone that uses minoxidil got the hair that they wanted. Some of the most severe adverse reaction of this product is irritation of the skin. Itching of the scalp, dryness and redness are often the most common cases of adverse reactions of this product. So if you have very sensitive skin, using this drug or product may not be right for you.