Bed Bugs NYC Home Remedies  

Here are some simple ways to try in removing bed bugs inside your house

  1. Move Furniture Around

For starters these bugs do not have enough sense in direction. By moving your furniture around, it can help bed bugs to don’t get near from your mattresses or bed sheets for they commonly live in between the wallpaper and where the wall links to the floor in your houses. Try to make some space between the wall and your furniture it will help a lot in trying to get rid of such pests

  1. Baby Powder

Put some baby powder in areas where you can’t reach it with a vacuum cleaner or even the furniture inside your house. After doing this check on it after a few minutes and if you see the results clean the whole area with the dead bugs. Baby powder is similar to diatomaceous earth in some way where as piercing the bed bugs with sharp microscopic granules the baby powder suffocates them..

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  1. Vinegar Below the Bed Post

Bed bugs don’t like water with that in mind try to put some bowls of water with vinegar on the bed legs. These bugs usually live on damp atmosphere, in doing this you have created a barrier for bed bugs to live under your bed sheets or mattresses. With the bowls of water and vinegar in all the bed legs, These pests can’t climb up for they will use the bed posts in crawling towards your mattresses or bed sheets.

  1. Washing, Dry and Cover

Wash every bed sheets carefully that the bed bugs come in contact with, use hot water and put your dryer on the highest temperature. Be sure to use an electric dryer and not air dry your bed sheets for only in extreme temperature will these pests be exterminated.

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After washing everything cover your bed sheets with plastic, this is very important for it will prevent pests from crawling back and damage your bed sheets in the future. Plastic encasement like this can be bought in all mattress or home linen stores in your local area.

  1. Heat Fumigation

With their aversion to water, these pests also succumb to too much heat. Try closing all the ventilation points inside your house like doors and windows for they don’t survive well under the heat. You can also fumigate your home by raising the temperature of your heater system or turn on the heating lamps in areas where the bed bugs live. After doing this go outside your house and wait for 30 minutes then go back inside, clean all the affecting areas with a vacuum cleaner.

When Home Remedies Won’t Work

These home remedies will work and be effective in preventing only initial bed bugs infestation. This might be not effective if you have a large scale infestation. If you want to totally exterminate all pests you can always contact a professional pest exterminator and have them all do the work in making your home a free from pests

But before doing that try using the simple methods in preventing such pests from infesting your property as mentioned in this article.