finding the right resources following a tractor trailer incident

If you’re trying to qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License, it’s not enough to know how to drive a truck – you also need to know the ins & outs of maintenance and safety. It doesn’t matter if you’re the god of parking and you can back into an enclosed dock with your eyes shut, if you don’t know how to inspect the trailer and make sure the braking system works, steering and suspension are in order, the coupling is solid and so on, you are inviting disaster and can be a hazard to yourself and other vehicles. As the driver of a tall, heavy vehicle that makes wide turns, you are responsible for public safety and shouldn’t take chances with lax inspection routines.Get the facts about what to do following a trucking accident in the Lansing area.19

Tire and wheel inspections are absolutely crucial to maintain safety, for yourself and drivers around you. In this article, we describe the essentials of a proper wheel and tire inspection. Note that these are just the basics.

A truck’s tires need to be inspected before, during and after a trip.

In recent years, with the profusion of dashboard cams, YouTube has seen a plethora of crash videos that could serve as an encyclopedia of bad driving. Some of the most terrifying incidents have to do with truck wheels that detach themselves and careen over a highway, smashing passenger vehicles. An old, improperly inflated or secured tire can blow out or come loose and cause havoc; proper basic wheel maintenance involves making sure that wheel nuts aren’t rusted or loose; studs and bolt holes haven’t become stretched into an oval shape; hub grease isn’t leaking or low.

When inspecting tires, make sure the treads aren’t worn out and cap plies or wires aren’t showing. Any cracks, separation or gashes that reveal plies are a structural integrity problem and mean the tire needs to be replaced. Pay attention to any air leaks and odd bulges – if the tire isn’t broken, this could mean an impending blowout. Next, inspect the tire valves – if they’re damaged or bent, or caps are missing, it can be a potential vulnerability.

Check tire tread depth for wear. The Department of Transportation has a legal lower tread depth limit of 4/32 inches for steering tires and 2/32 inches for trailer & drive tires. When a major tire groove becomes shallower than this depth, it must be taken out of service. Note that if your steer tires are worn to under 4/32 in, you can still use them by rotating them to the trailer or drive axle. Eighteen-wheeler tires can cost thousands of dollars, which is why, instead of being discarded, worn-out tires can be retreaded and reused. Trucking practice has found that tires that have been worn to 2/32 in and below are less suitable for retreading, because there’s not much rubber left to shield the casing and ply; for this reason, many companies remove and retread tires when they’re in the 6-8/32 inch range.20

Some tires claim to be “regroovable” – meaning that the manufacturer has made it possible to carve the rubber in the grooves to make them deeper. The DOT requires tires that have thick enough rubber to make regrooving possible to be marked as such; however, many trucking experts neither endorse nor condone this practice. This is because regrooving greatly reduces the chance of a tire being successfully retreaded.

Lastly, when inspecting wheels, make sure that dual tires aren’t touching or rubbing against each other or the truck. Ascertain that all tires are the same size & design – don’t mix radial-ply and bias ply tires on one axle.

As part of your CDL test, you will have to show a proficient understanding of truck maintenance & inspections. Learn everything and don’t cut corners – it’s not just your driver’s certification that’s at stake, but your safety, and the safety of the people you’re sharing the road with.

Reducing Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving accidents are increasing day by day and therefore it has become a major concern of late. Speeding is not the only cause for accidents today; it is mainly distracted driving accident that has become the main cause for the deaths in road clashes. Road clashes due to distracted driving occurs in one car out of every four which means that more than 4,300 face road crash every day, so the total amounts to above 1.5 million crashes every year.

Increased use of technology while driving has become a big reason for distraction. People now have TV’s installed in their cars to watch their favorite videos. Instead of placing those TV’s at the back seats, they fix it in the front seat. Can you claim a secure and safe driving with this arrangement? Along with this, the hoarding on roads and big screens showing the advertisements of different things are also becoming a source of distraction. The flashy animation out of the big screens and billboards of celebrities with a message written on the top are more than enough to distract a driver which results in either failure in the control of vehicle on time or a rushed accident by clashing into other car. With advance in technology, the number of road accidents has also increased.

Reducing Distracted Driving AccidentsWe can stick to all our professional colleagues and friends all the time by the use of the different cell phones. In case of emergency, you can use your cell phone to inform your family about it. But every technology has its bad sides too. The accident rates have increased by many folds due to the use of cell phones while driving. The drivers get distracted when they read text messages or if they are texting while driving or when the answer a call. The use of mobile phones has increased the chances of road crash by 400%. Cell phone conversation usually results in distracted driving if it gets intense. The dialing of number and writing a text turns out very dangerous while driving. distracted driving causes and how to get around them is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Reducing Distracted Driving Accidents1To deal with this increasing dilemma, the mobile phone companies are coming up with features in the cell phones that do not require you to keep your eyes on the cell phone. Companies are installing hands free cell phones, listen to text feature, listen to email feature and many other hands free features to help the drives remain connected and not get distracted while driving. The feature launched by Blackberry app has been designed to convert all your text messages, emails and other professional texts to speech which makes you more productive and attentive while driving. The launch of such applications is turning out to be successful in curtailing distracted driving accidents. Now there is not need of texting while driving as much would be said automatically by your cell phone. It is technology that causes as well as provides a solution for distracted driving accidents.

Avoid Traffic Tickets and Fight Them in Court

Police StopTraffic tickets overall are a real big pain to deal with. Every time I get one, I am very angry and disgusted at the officer. I never check the guilty box because sometimes the officer will be giving me a hard time. This article will give you a few ways to fight traffic tickets and possibly avoid them altogether.

I will give you a little story about what happened to me. Last year after thanksgiving, I noticed that I had a few tickets that were past due and needed to be paid right away. The one thing I did was go in and pay just a few of them off. You can say that this cost me a little over $250. What happened to the rest was that I came in contact with an old friend of mine, and let’s just say that I did not have to worry at all. Read more here.

Based on what I have learned in the past with dealing with traffic tickets, I want to give you a few tips on how to act when you are pulled over for anything at all.


What to do:

1) Act appropriately and be very polite.
2) Keep your hands in sight at all times.
3) Remember to say sir and ma’am.

What not to do:

1) Try to stare down the officer disrespectfully.
2) Hide your hands and look away.
3) Reach for anything unexpectedly.

Well, another question you might ask me is what you should do if you happen to get one. My best advice to you, is to be sure to fight it in court. If you just check the guilty box and you really feel that you are not, then get up and fight it. Here are some tips to fighting the ticket in court:

1) Show as much respect as possible to the judge.
2) Talk in a very polite manner. If you get angry, then it shows that you are very hostile.
3) Make eye contact with the judge only and not the officer who gave you the ticket on the other side of the room.

Family Law Courts

download (9)Family law courts take up cases relating to all kinds of family related issues. These can be adoption, prenuptial agreements, marriage, divorce, separation, legal separation, annulment, alimony, division of the property accumulated during the marriage, domestic violence, negotiation, adjudication, child custody and support, child abduction, kidnapping or child seizure, emancipation, abuse in the marriage, parental rights, paternity, juvenile, felonies, and many such cases related to family.

Family law courts also deal with regular cases relating to criminal laws, property related laws, probation law, trusts, and so on. However, the majority of the cases that come to family law courts are the divorce, separation, abuse or child custody cases. A number of details need to be considered when it comes to these cases. Family law courts are specialized in all the legalities involved in such cases. Visit family law

As you can imagine, family law courts are some of the most crowded courts in America. They deal with social and economic issues so universal that the courts can hardly bear the brunt of the demand. As a result, family courts are notoriously underfunded. Economically disadvantaged people often get left by the wayside when trying to gain monetary compensation for just cause.

Family law courts are the subject of much criticism as well for prejudice. Many think one gender or the other is favored in family courts. This may or may not be the case, but it might be impossible to study, since the numbers are so great. Until then, the family courts are a necessary aspect to a society in which people can treat each other unfairly sometimes.

Summerlin Bankruptcy Attorney Chronicles

Bankruptcy: costs of filing bankruptcy with attorney, versus cost of filing using Bankruptcy Petition Preparer. Under the current U.S. Bankruptcy Code or law, the system provides essentially TWO basic categories of outside assistance that a debtor filing for bankruptcy may use – assistance provided by an attorney, and assistance provided by a non-lawyer. And both of these parties come under what is called “Debt Relief Agents or Agencies.”business-lawyer-las-vegas Basically, the non-attorney assistance provider, who also goes by a name such as Bankruptcy Petition Preparer (BPP), preparers the documents upon which bankruptcy is filed with the Court for bankruptcy processing, while the attorney (or, more accurately, the help he hires that does such work) prepares the same set of documents, EXCEPT that the lawyer assistance-provider can supposedly give a debtor “legal advice,” and can appear, on the debtor’s behalf, in the administrative hearing on the bankruptcy case administered by the Court “Trustee” (who is not a Judge, but a court-appointed administrator) that will oversee the bankruptcy case.For more information, visit their website at Summerlin Bankruptcy Attorney.

Alright, How Do the Services and Fees Compare, Between the Bankruptcy Attorney and those of the Full Service bankruptcy petition preparer? But what are the Costs of filing Bankruptcy using Bankruptcy attorney? Can debtors afford bankruptcy without lawyers? And, is there really any real, tangible, legitimate difference for the DEBTOR, both qualitatively and nominally, between the Full Service bankruptcy assistance that online-based non-attorney BPP agencies provide debtors, and that which is provided by online bankruptcy attorneys to debtors?

bankruptcy-buttonOne view of it, popular in certain quarters among non-attorney online providers of bankruptcy filing assistance, is simply that there is “no difference,” or “little to none,” in terms of the actual or qualitative value of their work products for the debtor. The principal argument is that for each side, the actual, principal work that each side does or turns up for the debtor – the relatively simple but time-consuming, paperwork required to be prepared for the debtor’s use in filing for bankruptcy – is more or less basically the same content and quality for the non-lawyer prepared document, as it is for the lawyer prepared. In each case, the argument goes, the same set of documents are turned up by people who are seemingly experienced and trained or skilled in document preparation, and, in deed, in many real instances, are one and the same paralegals who work, or might have previously worked, for the bankruptcy lawyer’s office or the non-lawyer document preparer’s company. Or for both.

But, in any event, in the final analysis, the finished bankruptcy documents that both sides, the lawyer as well as the non-lawyer, provide the debtor, are generally the same and of the same quality. The Bankruptcy Courts generally accept them, process them, and act on them, just the same! In deed, it is a specific provision in the Bankruptcy Code that authorizes and sanctions that such persons may prepare such documents, and not just lawyers!