Cheap & Best Bathroom Fitting High Wycombe

images (13)The retro look is very popular these days because people look back to the freewheeling sixties and seventies with a great deal of nostalgia. You can take inspiration from this period when you are doing up your bathroom or any other room in your house. You can actually save a great of money by buying cheap bathroom tiles and fittings in order to get this look because they are easily available.

The idea behind using a retro look in your bathroom is to look to the ethos of that period rather than duplicate it. You can use cheap bathroom tiles in solid colors in order to get the look you desire. Black and white tiles are very inexpensive and you can use them in a checked pattern because that will give your room a vintage look. Bright pink or apple green are also good colors for your bathroom, but you have to use them sparingly so that your room does not have a dated look. Use them to accentuate certain areas, a window frame or the shower area, for example, rather them using them all over the bathroom.Find additional information at bathroom fitting high wycombe.

Using old fashioned bathroom tiles will actually save you a great deal of money because you can pick them up very cheap. Of course, you do need to know where to look for them. Many tile manufacturers sell their old and discontinued designs at very low prices. Another good idea is to use subway tiles because they will give you the look you desire and have the added advantage of being extremely cheap. You can easily find these tiles at most home supply stores.

The accessories you select should work along with the tiles in order to help you tie in the retro look. You should not use a vanity in the bathroom because it has a very modern look. A pedestal or a free standing sink will match perfectly well with the tiles you choose in order to have a very unique look. Similarly, you should use a vintage looking medicine cabinet instead of a modern style. Use an oval shaped mirror in order to enhance the vintage look.images (14) You can buy these accessories and fittings from a second hand shop in order to save a lot of money. Even the shower curtains you select should have an old fashioned look. Finding them should be an easy task given that there is increasing demand for them.

You will have to put in a bit of effort in order to find the right tiles but you will be very glad that you did so when you see the results. Your bathroom will have a very unique look since it will have a stamp of your individuality. You will be proud to have guests use your bathroom if it is really attractive. You can make this happen if you use your creativity or look around for great ideas and if you find attractive and cheap bathroom tiles and fittings to go along with your retro theme.