Magicard ID Card Printers Overview

Related imageThis manufacturer offers a large fleet of printer models to suit every environment. These range from small desktop units to high volume machines that can print up to 120 full color cards per hour. The models in the Magicard line sound like something out of the car industry (Tempo, Rio, Prima, etc.) but the price tag is thankfully much less expensive. You can feel confident in the quality of these high performance machines since many of them come with an UltraCoverPlus 3 year warranty. The factory also offers to replace defective print-heads free of charge regardless of the reason for failure. Your ID supplier can give you details on the current list of extended warranties and loaner programs available for the unit you are interested in.Learn more about this at Magicard ID Card Printers.

Alto, Rio2e, and Tempo
These entry level models are single sided and work well for small membership programs, visitor management, and event access. Even at this end of the spectrum, every printer uses a combination of full color dye sublimation and thermal resin to deliver excellent image quality. A mag stripe station can be added to any of these units and a smart card module is available on the Rio2e. The Rio also offers a replaceable cleaning roller to keep your cards looking sharp and maintain your printer in top condition.

Enduro and Avalon
Both of these models are available in double sided versions. This is especially useful for educational environments. You can incorporate printed class schedules on the back of each card. Law enforcement agencies in many states require extensive data (including signatures) to be clearly shown on their IDs. Using the reverse side as an extra printing surface allows you to include all relevant information on a single badge. The Avalon can also handle a wide variety of card thicknesses to offer even more uses for plastic card stock (business cards, marketing, etc).

Tango2e and Tango + L
Pick the Tango series for simplicity in your high volume jobs. The printers come with Plug-and-Play drivers that make setup a snap. They also deliver USB, Ethernet, and parallel connections so you can hook the printer up to one PC or network for multiple user stations. With the Tango+L you also receive integrated lamination to add a protective layer to your cards. The +L has solid metal construction but still weighs in at less than 50 pounds. For employee IDs that will see a lot of wear and tear, it makes sense to invest in this unit and save the costs of frequent card replacement.

Prima3 Reverse Transfer
This is the printer to choose if you want advanced encoding for proximity and smart cards. Thermal transfer film yields stunning image quality and protects the card surface from damage. Entry access, data control, and transit payment are all applications that can benefit from upgrading to this level of quality.

Special Items!
Magicard promotes its HoloKote brand of laminates as a perfect supplement for your existing security solutions. A frosted holographic effect is incorporated onto the card surface during printing. This tamper-evident watermark can be a standard pattern from the manufacturer or a “Custom Key” provided just for your company. Either technology can also be partnered with HoloPatch stock that includes a highly reflective gold section near one corner of each card. This patch catches the light and makes the holographic image shine brightly enough to be seen from a distance of 6 feet or more.