Messages on Hold Generate Additional Business

It’s the first cold snap of the fall, and all of a sudden you are inundated by calls from people who suddenly realize that they need to get their chimneys cleaned. It’s a busy time in the chimney sweep business, and a lot of companies are just content to gather revenue from sweeping. Even though you might not feel that you need to solicit extra business at this point, if you are not getting the message out about your other services, you are missing opportunities down the road.

team-messages-on-hold-systemIt’s dangerous to assume that the general public understands what a chimney sweep service offers. How many people know whether to schedule a chimney inspection or have their chimney swept? Do your sweeping customers understand that you also install chimney liners and dampers, or that you carry hearth products? This only scratches the surface. The point is, you know what you have to offer, and you need to make sure your customers do too!

Now, back to all of the calls that you receive in the fall, the odds are, you’ll have to put them on hold occasionally. This is a perfect opportunity to help those callers learn more about your services. Messages On Hold target current and potential customers who have made an effort to call you about one or more of your services.

Think about it, when you call a company and are placed on hold, what do you typically hear? Silence? A radio station advertising for other businesses? Dings? Chimes? Really awful songs from the 80s? Admit it; sometimes it’s so bad you just hang up. While you may work hard not to keep your customers waiting, on hold time is a necessary part of business, and it can actually work to enhance your image. From helpful tips, to information about products and services, when you invest in messages on hold, you are entertaining and educating your callers. You are also preventing hang-ups and generating future business.

Custom on hold messaging FeaturedAnother important point to remember is that to generate more revenue, you must either get new customers, or sell more services to your current customers. Ideally, you can do both, but selling additional services is easier, particularly during tougher economic periods. Marketing yourself to your callers is an ideal way to reach this market. And if you use on hold time to remind callers that you appreciate, or even reward, referrals, you’re likely to find yourself with new customers generated by messages on hold.

So, take a moment to think about the services and products you want your callers to know you carry. Think about tips and facts you can share to help create customer loyalty. As a member of NCSG, you are eligible for a discount from some message on hold companies. If you need help, or would like new ideas, give one of these companies a call. Ask them about their relationship with the NCSG and the topics other members have found effective. Don’t take your customers for granted just because they have dialed your number. If you don’t make their call worthwhile, they could easily find another company to call the next time.