Preventing against a possible home invasion- Insights

88It is hard to calculate why home burglary and home invasions are one of the few areas of crime that are on the increase. Law enforcement officials will tell you it’s because of the economy. When the economy is in a prolonged recession like we have some people get desperate and choose to commit low risk crimes. Burglary is one of the leaders in low risk crimes. Even if you do get caught the penalties are laughable.this resource┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

The way a home burglar operates is he is unarmed and picks a house that he knows is not occupied. He doesn’t want any confrontation. As a matter fact he doesn’t want anybody to see him.

That’s why he looks for homes that have hiding places around lower-level doors and windows. He looks for neighborhoods that don’t have a neighborhood watch program in effect. And he looks for homes that don’t have any obvious signs of resistance-like a home security sign or an NRA sticker. And he has plenty of homes to choose from.

The motivation for a home invasion is very different. It usually involves two or more people one or more of them can be armed with a deadly weapon. So right away the penalty for getting caught is much more severe.

The targets of homes for home invasions are usually drug-related. If you don’t believe me look at the police blotter in your city or talk to a police officer. Chances are pretty high that if there’s a home invasion there are drugs involved.

8There’s one other thing that’s involved and that is a chance of a violent crime being committed. That is why home invasions are so dangerous. The perpetrators deliberately pick a home that they know is occupied and use force to get in. In nearly 40 percent of all home invasions there is another crime committed like assault, rape or even murder.

As insidious as home invasions are there are some time-tested ways to prevent them from happening. An ounce of prevention in this case is worth much more than a pound of cure.

  1. Use the peephole in your front door. Always know who you are opening the door for before you open it. If you wait until it’s open, it’s too late.

  1. Install a home security surveillance system with one camera over your front door and one at your back door. You can install it so that you can see on your television screen who is at your front door before you open it.

Those two tips are invaluable and will help prevent a home burglary or home invasion in the first place or in the alternative if they do get into your house their picture will be used for the police to identify them.