SUP Boards- A History

Paddle boards are almost like a surf board that the surfers use to dance along the seas waves. The only difference is that these boards are equipped with oar-like paddles that help you paddle you way through the breaking waves. One of the adventure sports, these paddle 33boards are gaining much importance of late. Though these phenomenons of paddle boarding existed even in the decades of 1960s, but they were restricted to the islands in and around Hawaii. At that time it was meant for the tourists who stood on long boards to click snaps, these people were not professionals and were only undergoing initial surfing trainings. It was only in the 2000s that these paddle boards started gaining its fame all around the world. These boards became the prime source to teach aspirants how to surf in the rough seas and oceans. But the trainings took place only when the sea was calm and there was hardly any wave to surf along.

The Gain in Popularity over time
As time passed by, these SUP boards became all the more famous. The first ones to get attracted to the Stand Up Paddle Boards are probably the tourists who visited the beaches. They want to enjoy surfing. But being unprofessional it becomes too risky for them to set out into the sea as a novice. So they need a few days training before they are ready for surfing. It is during this training period that they are taught how to surf on the breaking sea waves and this is done with the help of paddle boards. The paddle boards are quite inexpensive and so you can buy one and explore any number of beaches, lakes or lagoons. These are safe enough to keep you healthy and alive in the rough sea as well.

32The Importance in the field of Hospitality Management
These boards have gained immense popularity in the field of hospitality management. Of late many of the renowned beach resorts and five star hotels are offering complimentary paddle boards to their boarders. SUP is one of the best recreations for the tourists visiting the beaches all around the world. So if you are planning to go for a holiday in any of the beaches then make sure you get yourself a stand up paddle board and set out into the sea to have great fun with your friends and family.